The Grey Manor

From Create Your Own Story

You open your eyes, and find yourself standing in one of the corridors of your house. Strange, since you remember quite clearly lying down on your bed and falling asleep. You also feel awfully dizzy, like the blood in your head hasn't gone down yet.

"Are you okay dear?"

You hear a woman's voice behind you. Turning around, you find yourself staring at the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. She has shoulder length, dark brown hair that curls just below the edges. Her brown, doe-like eyes, her high cheekbones, that cute button nose becomes more pronounced in the dim light of the corridor. She seems to be in her mid-30's or early 40's, but still beautiful, nonetheless. To be honest, she reminds you of yourself, an older you.

"Are you still sleepy?"

The way she speaks to you reminds you of honey, sweet, sweet honey. And it's creeping you out. You barely know the woman, and yet she looks so familiar. Like a distant memory or something.

You don't respond to her question; instead you nod.

She extends her right hand at you and gives you a warm smile.

"Let's go honey. Your father's waiting for us."

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