The Ghost Strip

From Create Your Own Story

U.S. Route 297 through Washington State’s Cascade Mountains is a lonely highway. The highway and all the towns along it were abandoned around 1986. By 1991, Virginia Heights, Rainier Gap, Cascade Ridge, Flats, Stramburg and Crystal Falls were all reduced to rotting ghost towns. Not a single soul lives on US 297 or in the towns that align the ghost road. Also, nobody ever goes to visit the ruins of these towns, despite the fact that the towns are mostly intact and each housed about 500 people before the abandonment. Oddly, nobody knows why US 297 or its towns were abandoned. Stranger still, there are no records that prove the existence highway or the towns. This also means that most of the world’s population doesn’t even know of the “Ghost Strip” as you and your friends call it. A senior in high school, you are one of the few people who know about the Ghost Strip. The six others who share your knowledge along with yourself only know because the records did exist at one point, only to vanish mysteriously. One Saturday in July, you and your friends decide to go and visit the Ghost Strip. Leaving your home in Seattle, it is only a short trip up I-90 into Snoqualmie Pass, where the abandoned US 297 begins. Pulling off the freeway and following a small gravel road up the mountainside, the beginning of the ominous ghost strip appears in front of you. “Guys, I really don’t think we should be doing this. I mean, what if we never return?” Ashley, the youngest of your group says. “Aw, don’t be such a wuss. There ain’t nothing to worry about.” Jeff, the oldest replied. “That’s easy for you to say,” Arnold, the wimp of the group states. “You’re the one that always goes hunting with your uncle in Tennessee.” Rolling his eyes, Martin ignores Ashley, Jeff and Arnold and looks out the window. “Guys, just shut up and let’s get moving.” John says, who is behind the van’s wheel. John then drives the van onto the Ghost Strip, beginning the day’s journey. Just then, an avalanche occurs behind the van and wipes out the gravel road. The only other possible way out, going south on US 297 is impassable due to earlier avalanche damage. The only way out is to travel down the Ghost Strip. You, John, Ashley, Martin Arnold and Jeff can only think of what might happen next.

Do you:

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