The Fountain of Youth

From Create Your Own Story

You are the High Warlord Melairu, and are on the quest to find the fountain of youth, after all, you do not wish to die.

Currently, you are riding on your warhorse through the forest towards a small village in the Mountains of the West, where your contacts say there may be a lead. As you go through the forest, one of your scouts runs up to you.

"The village has been subdued, my lord. A few of the subjects that you may wish to "interrogate" are in the manor at the center of the village."

Nodding your assent, the scout runs back into the forest.

Soon, you arrive at a small village, nestled in a heavily forested valley. It's surrounded by high wooden walls, and the houses are quite large, for such a small village, covered by trees and vines.

Moans and screams of the women that were captured in the raid escaped from the houses as they, too were "interrogated". As usual, the best looking were saved for him, at the manor, or the richest house.

Go help the soldiers in the houses.


Go directly to the Manor.

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