The Family Vacation

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Author's Notes

The premise of the story is simple; you go on a family vacation with your rather large, sexy family. It happens to be all women, and all are varying degrees and forms of sexy. However, I also desire this to be fairly open world at some points, so we will use Trigger words. For a quick tutorial, basically think of them as perks. Certain choices will give you them, and you "keep" them for later, when a choice asks for it, and you can use it. Simple enough, hopefully.

To Writers: Keep the form of the story, and keep it neat. Not ALL interactions have to be within the family, but that is the main point, so don't stray too far.

Without further ado, let's begin.


This is a link of the family members, as they look when Chapter One begins (two years younger in the prologue), which may be helpful to keep open in another tab.

The Family

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