The Family Secret

From Create Your Own Story

You are Emily, an 18 year old virgin with very little sexual experience, who's parents, Doug and Pamela, just called her down for a meeting. You have an older sister, Diane, and two older brothers, Chris and Rob. There is a secret in the Nicholson family. A secret that everyone in the family knows except you, but you are about to find out.

Your parents call you into the living room. Your siblings are upstairs. You are wearing a black tank top and jean shorts. You sit down on the couch.

Doug: "Em, now that you're 18, we have to share something with you"

Pamela: "We aren't really your conventional family. A lot of the things that we do, are frowned upon in society"

You: "What are you talking about?"

Doug: "Well... your siblings, your mother, and I all participate in... sexual activities, for fun"

You now have a shocked face on your look. This is the first time you'd ever heard about this.

Pamela: "We know this may be hard on you, but we wanted to invite you, now that you're 18, just like we did with your other siblings."

Doug: "You know those vitamins we started giving you a couple months ago? Well, they're actually birth control pills to prepare you for this."

You: "You mean... you want to fuck me?"

Doug: "There's no pressure. We understand if you don't want to. Maybe you can start out slow."

What do you do?

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