The Direwolves

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Ned Stark had much on his mind. Robert had asked him to be the new hand of the king. While it was a great honor, it would take him away from both his family and his home. As he did for all his important decisions, Ned had gone to the Godswood to think. Something about the cool Northern air and the tranquility of the forest cleared his head. And, as he always did, he had brought his lovely daughter with him.

Sansa Stark, Princess of Winterfell, was currently serving her father. On her knees, she was taking his cock in her mouth, taking as much of his impressive length as he could. Ned's father, Rickard, had taught him the importance of family. He had taught them that family should always be there for one another, in any way. His memories of triple teaming Lyanna with Benjen and Brandon were some of his fondest. Catelyn had been taught similar values in Riverun (the Tully words are Family, Duty, Honor after all), so when the two married they knew how they would raise their kids.

"You are the best cocksucker in Westeros," Ned praised, running his hand through her soft, red hair. Her pale body was completely exposed, her smooth ass raised high in the air.

"I'll try not to take that as an insult," Catelyn joked, entering the Godswood. She wore only a cloak, and one could catch glimpses of her breasts as she walked. "All these years and I still feel like an outsider when I come here."

"You are no outsider," Ned Stark replied, pushing Sansa further down on his cock.

"She has become quite skilled," the older woman comments. Sitting down on a nearby log, she admires how gracefully Sansa bobs her head on her husband's dick. "If only Arya could take it so deep."

"Arya is young. She will learn." Grabbing her hair, Ned slowly pulls Sansa off his dick. "Honey, I think your mother deserves a turn."

"Yes, Daddy!" She chirps cheerfully, crawling over to her mom. Catelyn parts her cloak and her legs, revealing her full breasts and trimmed pussy. Wasting no time, Sansa buries her face in the cunt that birthed her, licking up her mother's arousal.

"I think Sansa needs to work on her pussy eating skills?" Ned sadi casually, walking up behind his daughter. Spreading her cheeks, he lines up his impressive 9 inch member. "If I go south, she will have to impress the Queen." Using her ass as leverage Ned pushes in, letting inch by inch sink into her wet pussy. Sansa can't help but groan in enjoyment, plunging her tongue into her mom.

"Mmmmmm... Well, she's doing pretty good right now," Catelyn moaned, running her hands through her daughter's beautiful hair. "And she's definitely better than that brat Myrcella." Ned Stark finally bottomed out inside Sansa, fitting all nine inches in her tight twat. Pulling out, he marveled at how well her lips gripped his dick.

She definitely takes after her mother, Ned thought, slamming into her. She grunted into her mother as Ned built up a rhythm, her butt jiggling with every stroke.

"Thought I'd find you here." Ned looked up and saw his son Robb entering the Godswood. A strapping young lad, he never missed out on the family fun. Right behind him was little Arya, who looked at her sister's predicament with arousal. She was wearing a shirt, which was unusual for a princess but normal for Arya, but for some reason, she lacked pants. Her bald pussy was out for any and all to see, and Ned thought he could see some dried cum on the inside of her thigh.

"Couldn't wait till you got to the godswood, boy?" Ned asked, amused. Bringing his hand down, he gave Sansa a nice hard spank.

Walking up behind his mother, Robb gave his mother a nice, deep kiss. His hands snaked around her body and fondled her full tits. "Yeah, sorry Dad. I just fucked her ass though. I know you like her tight pussy." Watching his redheaded sister get fucked was making the young man very aroused. Of all his family, Robb found his sister the hottest. "Hey Dad, mind if I take a turn in Sansa."

"No, go ahead son," Ned encouraged, pulling out of her. "Besides, its been a few days since I've been inside Arya. With the king coming and all." Arya, excited it was her turn, ran over to her father and sat down on a nearby log. Ned got into position, standing in front of her and pushing her legs apart. Not wasting any time, Ned pushed the head of his cock in, making Arya groan in ecstasy. Arya was by far the tightest Stark, her pussy gripping any cock placed inside it. However, her father was persistent, fucking her nice and slow. Slowly but surely he got deeper inside the wild girl.

While Ned was penetrating the youngest Stark daughter, Robb had begun fucking the oldest. His impressive 8 inches slid in and out of Sansa, his hands massaging her juicy ass. His thumb probed her asshole, making her moan and push her ass out.

"God, Sansa is such a nice slut," Robb grunted, forcing more and more of his cock inside her. "She really takes after her mother."

"Awww, thanks Robb," Catelyn replied, getting close to her orgasm. "But...mmmmm.... But Lysa was the real slut of the family. She musta... ugh... must of fucked all of Riverun. Little... Little Petyr basically lived in her bed. Sucking her tits like a... like a babe every morning, fucking her awake." The childhood memories of her sister push her over the edge. Tilting her head back, she lets out a loud, needy moan as she cums. Sansa laps up her mother's juices as they squirt out, loving the taste.

"Damn, Cat," Ned grunts, driving into Arya, "You must have really needed that badly." The small girl was writhing under her father, moaning and groaning as loud as she could. Ned has most of his length inside her, and she was loving every minute of it. Missionary was her favorite, and pretty soon she was approaching her orgasm.

"OH FUCK Daddy, please, fuck me harder. I'm so fucking close!" Ned was also close, and his daughter's needy, desperate begging was more than he could take. With one thrust, he shoved all nine inches into Arya, his balls slapping against her ass. They came together, Arya screaming as loud as she could. Ned's cum flowed into her unprotected womb, only increasing her orgasm. Arya was a squirter and drenched Ned's cock and balls with her juices.

"Fuck," Arya groaned, coming down from her high. "I think I'm gonna need some Moon Tea."

"Definitely," Ned agree, pulling out of her. A mixture of her juices and his cum dripped out of her, which Arya scooped up with her fingers and brought it to her lips.

"Awwww, you started without us!" Bran complained, entering the Godswood. With him was Rickon and their two direwolves, Summer and Shaggydog.

"Sorry bros, gotta get her earlier," Robb replied, still plowing his sister. It was at this moment that Sansa reached her limit. Pulling away from her mother's snatch, she let out a cute, long, high pitched moan, cumming on her brother's dick. Catelyn, finally recovered from her orgasm, turned to her youngest sons.

"Sorry, boys, maybe next time you should spend less time climbing," she said, half joking and half scolding. "But don't worry. I'm sure the girls are up for another round. Right?"

"Of course," Arya replied, still exhausted from fucking her father. Standing up, she arched her back, her nipples hard against her shirt.

"I CALL ARYA! I CALL ARYA!" Rickon shouted, rushing to get his pants off.

"Here Bran, you can have Sansa," Robb offers, pulling out of her and giving his sister a nice slap on the ass. She tries to get up, but her strength is gone, taken away by her latest orgasm.

"You guys might have to come over here," Arya giggles, walking next to Sansa and getting on all fours. The two boys don't need to be told twice, practically sprinting over to their sisters. The girls shake their asses for their family, looking back in anticipation. Rickon has lost his pants at this point, running behind Arya, while Bran just fishes his dick out of his pants. Sansa has to get lower to accommodate her lover's size, practically lying face down in the grass.

Rickon grabs his six inches and shoves it into Arya, making her moan loudly. Ned's cum acts as lube, letting Rickon get balls deep quickly. Bran, on the other hand, goes for a different hole. Spreading her butt, he pushes his 7 inches into her asshole.

"FUCK!" Sansa screams, not expecting Bran to go for anal. She isn't a huge fan of ass fucking, her rosebud always sore for days afterward, but she doesn't complain. Turning to her right she locks lips with her sister, their tongues dancing in their mouths. Rickon is pounding into Arya as fast as possible, fucking her like a rabbit, while Bran is taking his time with Sansa's ass. Bran hadn't had sex in almost a week, focusing on his archery and training Summer, so he wanted to enjoy it.

"I love it when the kids get along," Catelyn commented, walking up to her husband. Wrapping his arms around her, Ned brought the busty woman in for a deep kiss. His hands roamed her supple body, squeezing her full ass. Without a word, Ned sat down on a log, his dick fully erect. Catelyn, knowing what to do, sat down on it, impaling herself on his cock. Riding him cowgirl, she began bouncing up and down on his massive length. Her tits jiggled from the fucking, Ned taking one nipple in his mouth and sucking on it.

"Hey boys, I think your pets need a turn," Robb told his brothers, gesturing to the direwolves. Both beasts were sporting massive erections, and were whining and howling for attention.

"Do we have to?" Rickon whined, enjoying the feeling of Arya's pussy on his cock.

"You can have the girls suck you off," Catelyn called over, taking Ned's whole dick inside her. "C'mon boys, those wolves are your responsibility."

"Fine," Bran relented, pulling out of Sansa's ass. Rickon followed his lead, and the two of them walked around to the front of the girls. The sisters stopped making out to take care of the dicks in front of them, both of them licking their lips. The brothers decided to switch, Rickon taking Sansa and Bran taking Arya. Both girls were greedy cock suckers, taking their respective cocks in their mouths. While Sansa could get deeper than her sister, Arya work the whole dick. She ran her tongue down Rickon's shaft before taking his balls in her mouth, making the young boy moan.

Seeing two open and wet holes, the wolves bounded forward. Summer mounted Sansa and Shaggydog took Arya, both animals eager to breed. Being direwolves, they both had enormous 12-inch dicks, so when they thrust inside their mates, both sister's screamed. The animals fucked like no man could, sawing in and out of the poor Starks. They fucked fast and penetrated deep, shoving more and more of their canine cocks into their bitches. Arya loved wolf dick, having fucked Ghost many times, and was moaning like crazy. Sansa, on the other hand, had never fucked a direwolf. She could feel the huge length ramming into her cervix, and deepthroated Bran to stifle her screams of pain and pleasure.

After watching the direwolves demolish his sisters for a while, Robb decided he needed some action, so he looked to his beautiful mother. Walking up behind her, he looked to his father for approval. Ned, knowing what he planned to do, gave him a nod of approval. Grinning, Robb lined up his cock and shoved it into his mother's ass.

"ROBB!" Catelyn gasped, not expecting the sudden penetration.

"Sorry Mom, couldn't help myself," Robb groaned, working his cock into the tight asshole.

"Oh, you dog," Catelyn laughs, her laughs turning into moans. "You know I love to feel filled up!" The father and son developed a rhythm, fucking Catelyn with hard and deep strokes. They timed it so they thrust in together, filling her up as much as possible. Catelyn didn't last long, screaming and moaning as she came. Robb could tell he was approaching his finish and sped up. Ned, noticing his son's increase in speed, also sped up, trying to fill her up together. Catelyn couldn't handle it and came again, collapsing against her husband. The second orgasm did it for Robb, and with a groan poured his semen into his mother's ass. Seeing his son finished, Ned released his cum, creampieing his second Stark of the day. Catelyn could feel the cum flow into her, and the warm sensation inside of her somehow made her orgasm a third time. All three of them were exhausted, Robb pulling out and sitting down on the log. Catelyn stayed on her husband's lap, holding onto him for support.

"I'm not drinking any moon tea," she whispered, pulling him close. "With you leaving, I'm gonna need another son." Ned just smiled, giving his sweet wife a kiss. Happy and still aroused, the father, mother, and son watched the rest of the family.

The sisters had both come about four times. It was impossible not too, with the two hung direwolves pounding into them. The wolves seemed to have endless stamina, their foot long dicks repeatedly thrusting into the soaking wet pussies. Through their exhaustion, however, the girls still paid attention to their brothers. Bran had his entire dick down Sansa's throat, his hands grabbing her hair. Rickon was in heaven, Arya expertly sucking him off. Her tongue played with the head as she bobbed up and down, bringing her brother closer and closer to the edge. Every so often she would take his balls in her mouth, sucking on the sensitive sack.

Then, almost at the same time, Summer and Shaggydog knotted with their bitches. It was like the floodgates were opened. Buckets and buckets of doggy cum were poured into Arya and Sansa's womb. filling them past their limits. The sisters came again, Arya barely keeping herself from collapsing. Hearing their sister's scream and their wolves howl also pushed the boys over the edge. Bran pulled out and covered Sansa with his cum, giving her the facial of her life. Rickon decided to cum down Arya's throat, making her swallow his huge load. Arya happily obliged, loving the sweet taste of cum.

Exhausted and spent, the Stark's took a moment to rest. Robb rested on a log and looked up at the trees, Ned and Catelyn laid down next to the water. Sansa and Arya collapsed, their asses only propped up by the two direwolves, who were still knotted with them. Bran and Rickon laid down next to their sisters, kissing them and cuddling with them. Unbeknownst to them, however, someone had been watching the whole thing.

"Ugh!" Jon groaned quietly, cumming. His dick shot load after load into the grass as he jerked off to the scene in front of him. It wasn't fair! The Starks all got to fuck together, yet Jon had to jerk off in the bushes. While Arya would let him fuck her from time to time, Catleyn made sure he never participated in the Stark orgies. Sighing, he leaned back in the grass and closed his eyes.

A whimper very close to his ear made him open his eyes. Nymeria, Arya's direwolf, was right next to him, nuzzling against his face. Sitting up, he saw Ghost a few yards away breeding Lady. While this was nothing new, he had never been approached by the other direwolves before. He watched curiously as the wolf sniffed him, as if she was searching for something. As she began investigating lower, Jon realized his dick was still out. He was about to cover it up when Nymeria raised her tail. Jon could see her pussylips, which were swollon, and he realized she was in heat! The gears began to turn in Jon's head as the wolf started to lick Jon's hardening dick clean.


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