The Dealer

From Create Your Own Story

You're a drug dealer. It's not glamorous, it doesn't have to be when you're earning the money that you are. At the age of 23 you never expected to be able to afford to move out of your parents house, buy a car and hold enough money in your bank account to rebuy your car 3 times over.

You mostly deal weed and sometimes ket to party kids but it would be easy enough to get your hands on other drugs if you needed to.

You live in a simple flat in a tall, boring, concrete building siting outside the centre of town. You're flat happens to be on the top floor and you end up spending many evenings chilling with mates on the balcony in plastic garden chairs smoking up and watching the lights of the city dully pass you by. When you wake up it's past midday and you've got a couple of texts on your burner phone.

You've got a text from Whitney, a late 30s, soon to be cat lady, who regularly buys from you and talks like a cool wine aunt.

You've got another text from Jack who is around your age and attending Uni nearby, he regularly buys weed and Ket from you and you're always happy to pop over to his partly because he'll occasionally supply you with DVDs filled with trippy edits of films.

You also got a text from a mystery number, they're "interested" in your product but they don't specify where they got your number or who they are. New customers tend to be a bit of a hassle most of the time so you're not eager for that.

You're low on supply today and you'll definitely need to pick up tomorrow if you don't pick up today.

Where do you want to start

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