The Deadly Creed

From Create Your Own Story

In this story, whichever character you pick will face deadly enemies, encounter obstacles in their path, and ultimately succeed in their quest or die trying. So, who will it be?

  • Mason Weir: An amnesiac 16 year old boy, he is the descendant of a long line of deadly assassins. His mission will be to discover more about his mysterious past, and future.
  • Vincent Peterson: A cunning and deadly assassin-in-training, undertaking his first true mission: to assassinate Mason Weir. Why? I can't tell you, yet...
  • Kyle Weir: A 24 year old boy looking for his younger brother Mason after a car crash. His companion is his dog, Sam.
  • ???: Not much is known about this mysterious person, only that she is the leader of an assassin cult.
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