The Cell

From Create Your Own Story

You sit still, calm, back straight, eyes forward. The door in front of you will open soon. When it does you will receive a key from a person you have never met. When the key is placed in your hand your training will be over. You will require no further instructions to carry out your purpose. Your contact with the network will end until your objective has been completed.

The door opens. The key is quickly pressed into your palm. Then you are left alone with your cell door wide open. The sensation is eerie. You can simply walk through the door and cross the hall to the door on the other side. The door with the lock which can only be opened with the key in your palm. You know that if you walk down the the hall and explore all of the compound that you have been allowed to see, it will be empty. No Mother in the kitchen, no Master in the gym, no Teacher in the library. They are all gone now.

The only souls in the house other than you are the three in the room across the hall. They have been there, on the other side of that door for as long as you can remember. When you were a boy they would sometimes laugh and shriek during the night. You could only wonder what was so entertaining to them, and envy them for being together.

You stand up at the foot of your bed. Three steps later you are alone for the first time in the hallway and it suddenly dawns on you that this is now your hallway. To your right the hall leads to the main compound which you have spent the first 18 years of your life. Though you have never seen any another place in your life, you are still curious to explore it. There are many places you have never been allowed, and 18 years of curiosity burn in your memory. However the biggest mystery of all lies behind door number two.

Directly in front of you is a heavy steel door. In it is a small keyhole about waist high. You have never seen it open but you know the sound of the sliding slab well. It opened and closed once each day of your life. It opened each night at the moment your door was locked tight, then closed each morning before your door was opened.

Explore the Compound (explore the backstory)

Open the door (Start the action)

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