The Cage- Don't Volunteer

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You don't move. No one does.

"Aww. Are we shy? Fine by me, kids. I can wait all night. Please bear in mind, however, that when the sun comes up, anyone not in a coffin will be a pile of ashes. And there's six of you and only five coffins."

Sun? Where would the sun shine in from? There are no windows, unless... yeah... you can hear wind. It's really faint, but you're definitely outside. Maybe the indirect sunlight will be enough to do the job.

Everyone seems a little on edge.

Brandon, who looks like he was kidnapped from a biker bar - probably was, actually - does not appear eager to have anything to do with the Speaker ever again.

The Teenage Boy seems preoccupied with figuring out what being a vampire has done to his body. Either that or he's just staring at his fingers for some reason.

The Middle Aged Man looks directly over at you just as you're looking towards him. Looks like you're both trying to get a grip on your surroundings. He seems nervous. You don't blame him.

The Professional-Looking Woman seems to be keeping her eye on the Speaker. He's making a show of being bored.

The Girl in the Sorority Shirt is sitting in a corner with her forehead on her knees, sobbing. She has been ever since Brandon scared her.

Do you:

Current Status

  • Confused
  • Afraid
  • Hungry/Thirsty-ish

Inside the Cage

  • You
  • Brandon
  • Teenage Boy
  • Middle Aged Man
  • Professional-Looking Woman
  • Girl in Sorority Shirt
  • Five Coffins

Outside the Cage

  • The Speaker
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