The Bus Ride

From Create Your Own Story

You and your older brother leave your house to wait for the bus. You told your father that your younger brother was sick and sleeping in his room, and your dad left for work without realizing something was up. When he realizes it, you'll be at your college and he will probably clean up after you. Finally, your bus arrives after a half hour of waiting, which makes you regret deciding not to eat breakfast, thinking you did not have enough time. As you get on the bus, you see your friend Colin waiting for you expectantly at the back of the bus. You and him have been best friends for as long as you can remember. He is a bit taller than, has more defined muscles than you, and, from what you can tell after swimming practice in the locker rooms, has a much bigger cock than you. You have no idea if he is gay like you or not, but you're constantly checking him out and fantasizing about him. As you sit next to him, he pulls out his Magic the Gathering cards that you two have been obsessed about for awhile now. As you and him start to discuss why your cards are better than his, and vice versa, you notice a tent rising in his pants.

Call him out on it

Ignore His Crotch

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