The Bulletman

From Create Your Own Story

(RATED R for language and intense violence)

War has been the same since the beginning of time. From simple spears to the invention of the machine gun, war has always been the same.

Until now.

This is total crisis. China's new chairman wanted power, land and population. He has pushed into Mongolia, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Burma, capturing all of these countries and turning them into new areas of China. United States Marines are aiming to take back these countries to their original state, starting with Kazakhstan.

But the thing is...

You're one of the marines.

U.S. standard issue/sniper, to be specific. You've just been transported to the Chinese border of what used to be Kazakhstan.

Your name is Lucas Harvey Nylan, or, known to your comrades as Cpl. Nylan. You're out on your helicopter, and it lands safely at the L.Z. in Риддер (Ridder). You unload into the city streets. Reports say Chinese forces are advancing into Риддер, and will be in this town center within three hours.

You have to find a place to pick off soldiers when they invade. There are four buildings that look like good sniping spots. You decide to choose:

The construction center. (Wide and open six-story building, under construction, plenty of ruined walls.)

The first apartment. (Straight, five-story building.)

The second apartment. (Building with a bend in the middle, on the corner of the street. Five stories.)

The city hall. (Two-story building with a few well-placed windows.)

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