The Bracelet??

From Create Your Own Story

Sitting in a plain wooden box inside a larger chest was a shiny metal ring. At first you think it is a pretty plain bracelet. A simple steel circle.

You pick it up, looking to the clasp to open it and try it on, with no luck. But as you hold the ring, it begins to heat up and strange patterns form all over it.

Suddenly it comes to you. Not a bracelet. Removing your pants and boxer briefs, you slip the ring onto your cock and balls.

Its a cock ring.

The etched patterns glow blue-hot and spread across your belly, shaft and balls as your cock thickens and grows. You start to panic as your normal sized cock stretches longer and longer well past its regularly 6 inches and begins to past the foot long mark. It's not until you have to use two hands to lift your monster cock that you notice your nut sack has also swollen in size as your new bull nuts churn gallons of jizz.

With your cock and nuts so big and still growing, your clearly can't get the ring off.

Do you:

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