The Battle for the Earth

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Welcome, Jennifer Lynn Rehder! You have entered The Battle for Earth.

Here is what you know so far. You started as 16-year-old girl from Boulder City, Nevada, where you were known as something of a jock-nerd. You were on the cross-country team, the archery team, as well as the speech-debate team, but your favorite was the wrestling team where you have worked very hard and last year took third at State. The only thing you love more than wrestling is reading. You’re a little confused as to your sexuality, but your family and friends have been very supportive. You’ve dated both boys and girls, but nothing serious yet. Your grades were above average, but nothing spectacular.

Currently, you are 5'4” and 110 lbs of ripped steel. Many have commented on your shoulders and arms, which are a result of your athletics, and specifically of wrestling. You have dark-brown hair, which you mostly keep cut short and wear down. You have light-blue eyes, which gives you a very stark appearance and draws a lot of attention to your face. Your skin is, you think, a nice mixture of your Caucasian father and your Egyptian mother. Your body is toned and lithe, with B-cup breasts, a very flat stomach and abdomen.

You’ve always felt slightly out of place, and you’ve been drawn to heroic fantasy and steam-punk literature. You’ve read all the major authors, and started to delve into some more obscure sections of the library.

Which is where you start your adventure. You were sitting in the library, starting to read some book by Elizabeth Lynn, when you hear a low ringing. At first, you were able to ignore it, but it grew in strength, louder and louder, until it started to hurt your ears. You put your hands up to cover them, and looked around to see what was the cause. No one else seems to have noticed the sound but you. The ringing is still growing, and now you feel physical pain in both your ears and your head. You close your eyes and stand up, overturning your chair with a clatter. Someone asks you a question, but you can barely make out the voice, as if it’s from far away.

The ringing continues to grow until it drowns out even your own thoughts.

Do you:

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