The Babysitting job

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Jackson.

You're 19 years old.

And you have a raging 8 inch dick that you've managed to hide from everyone

Right now you're sitting in your room laying in bed and your mum just called you down. It seems like there's someone at the door.

"Oh hello Ken. What do you need?"

"Nothing much but would you mind babysitting Grace for me?"

"Um, sure. For how long?"

"Around 7 days. I hope that's not too troublesome."

"No, not at all. It is spring break so it's just fine."

"Okay, thanks. It's a big help. Here are the keys to the house: you can sleep in any room you want and if anything bad happens call me, OK?"


After going to Ken's house and seeing him leave what do you say to * year old grace?

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