The Architect Device

From Create Your Own Story

You open your eyes, only to be blinded by light, forcing you to close them again. A quick test of your limbs reveal that you're restrained against, what seems to be, a smooth metal wall. A subtle warmth radiates from its surface, calming you. An unexpected amount of effort for a kidnapping. You begin feeling your mind fading back into itself, but the sound of distant voices pulls you into reality.

"Subject zero-three-seven is awake."

"Good. I'll begin the induction, myself."

A door opens and you hear footsteps around you. Sensing a change in the light, you open your eyes. A man stands before you, silhouetted by the light, making it impossible to clearly see his face.

"You're body will be weak, from the drugs, but you'll have full function before morning. For now, all you need to do is make a choice." The figure idly strokes his pointed goatee. "If you wish, you'll wake up at home, as if nothing happened, and you'll never hear from us again. You can live out a normal life, doing normal things. Or you can join our experiment and have the chance to sculpt the world to your liking. To gain control."

All your attempts to speak prove unless, due to your lack of muscle coordination, but the man doesn't seem to wait for an answer. "No need to speak, we already know your choice. Asking is just a formality."

What is the experiment?

Who are you?

Just continue.

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