The Amazon

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In an unknown forest dating back to thousands of years ago, there lived two tribes. One of those tribes were the Amazon Warriors; an all female tribe. They lived in the middle of the forest in small villages. They led a good life until other humans, ones that call themselves 'Men', raided into their land and settled on the outer edges of the Forest. These people were called Terrans.

It is unknown where they had come from and why they were here. But there was a more important matter: the Terrans attacked the Amazons in a state of, most likely, territorial war. The Amazons were able to defend themselves as they had more knowledge of defensive weaponry, structures, and tactics. The Terrans, however, had knowledge in offensive weaponry, structures, and tactics.

The Amazons were at a high advantage as they knew the Forest. But, sadly, that did not stop the Terrans as there were many of them.

A stalemate war was the result of these two meeting.

But onto other matters: It is now for you, young spirit, to choose your tribe, your people...

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