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This is a story inspired by Rampage

You are a ghost, you have lived peacefully in a regular house for nearly 300 years, but today is different, today is the day you can no longer handle being a benevolent ghost, today is the day that you are going to have some fun.

The house you live in is owned by the Williams family, they are a regular suburban family that have never done anything of particular note, until, perhaps, today.

You have the ability to possess people, however this power is weak, and after the first time you use it, it will only become available when the subject has been bent to your will either physically or mentally, or when they are in a state of extreme distress, when you swap bodies, the person you are leaving will remember what has happened, but will not understand why they did what they did.

The family consists of 5 members, the mother is Emily Williams, a 41 year old housewife. Emily is married to John Williams, a 47 year old research scientist, whose studies focus on human sexual response. Their three children are Bill Williams, the youngest, a 14 year old school student, Amy Williams, the middle child at 17 years old, who is currently in her final year of high school, and finally Jonathon Williams, the oldest at 21, is the disappointment of the family, having dropped out of school at 15 and has never been employed, except a brief stint as a weed dealer.

You possess:

You are:
No One
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