The Abandoned Story

From Create Your Own Story

It’s cold, damp, and black. There is nothing to see. Nothing but darkness.

You try to remember the last thing that you’ve done before this, but you have no luck. And so you continuingly stare at the oblivion. Until you realize something.

You’re floating in mid-air. But why? Heck, what are you? Clearly there’s no human in the world capable of flying.

“Really strange,” you say, then stop. That was a really high-pitched voice. You must be a girl… or, are you a boy? But if you have a really high voice, then you must be a kid, right? You can’t remember a thing!

But you’re floating, so that must mean...

“Am I an alien?” you think out loud to yourself. “Hmm…” You try to wave your arms around, hoping yours can become an octopus’s. Then you notice that they’re a bit heavy. “Great!” you exclaim. “I can’t even carry my own arms!”

You also begin to realize that you are not moving properly. It’s as if you are locked onto position. You try to move your legs, but only manage to wiggle them around. You can’t do anything.

“HELP!” you cry out. “Someone, help me!”

No reply. You feel tears around your eyes and are about to pass out from all the screaming until –

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