From Create Your Own Story

You open your eyes suddenly. You feel groggy and confused for a moment. You realize you have just woken up in your bed from some kind of dream. Unfortunately the details of the dream quickly fall away from your memory until nothing is left.

Your room is very dark, much darker than it should be.

"What happened to that annoying street light that always shines in through my window?" You wonder to yourself.

Something doesn't feel right. You decide that you should get out of bed and make sure that everything is OK.

You take a glance out of your window, and are somewhat startled by the fact that you cannot see anything outside. No street light, no starlight, no moon. Nothing. Complete darkness exists outside your window.

Feeling the adrenaline starting to kick in, you decide that you should go find out what is going on. You walk up to the door of your bedroom and open it...

Bright, blinding light shines in through the doorway! It takes your eyes a few moments to adjust to the increased light level. Finally you peer out of your doorway again. You are once again very perplexed by what you see. Your eyes cannot discern any features or shapes or sources of light. You can only see bright white light everywhere.

Do you:

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