Temple of the Forgotten

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(Author's Note) Welcome to Temple of the Forgotten! This is an adventure story inspired by the Indiana Jones films. If you edit this story please keep it pg-13, and make sure the story still makes sense. Have fun!

As you trudge through the jungle undergrowth, you take time to study your map. You squint against the harsh sunlight flooding in through the canopy. Small bugs flutter around your head. Annoyed, you swat the pests away. You are an adventurer in search of an ancient yet legendary artifact, the the Mask of Komatuu. According to Mayan tradition and belief, the Mask of Komatuu grants the wearer the ability to control the destinies of mortals, but if the mask is misused the effects it can have are unpredictable. You have come long and far to retrieve this grand prize and will stop at nothing to see this journey through. With you are a British historian named Jasper, a pretty American archeologists named Rachel, a Russian bodyguard called Dmitriy, and a native who you know only as Gustavo. You stop to examine your environment. The path forks into three different areas. The left path seems to elevate into the mountains, the middle path is covered with vines and colorful plants, and the right path leads to a dark, wet swamp.

"Which way?" Dmitry asks.

"I'm not sure," you reply. "The map doesn't say."

"So, we're lost out here?" Dmitry asks harshly.

"Not neccesarily. One of these paths has to be the right way. So all we have to do is pick one," Rachel cuts in.

"Well, get on with it! Choose a path." Dmitry taps his foot impatiently.

You choose:

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