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Story Number Of Pages Notes
Labyrinth  ? (Public)
Labyrinth of Lust 207 (Public)
Ladies of the League  ? (Public)
Lady Knight 0 (Public)
Lady of Desire  ? (Do Not Edit)
Lady Van Helsing 101 (Public)
The Last Cock on Earth 7 (Do Not Edit)
Last Day of School 13 (Public)
Last Hope  ? (Public)
Last Man on Earth 0 (Public)
Last Virgin Standing 63 (Private)
Lara Croft: The Untold Tales 13 (Public)
Laura's Adventure 17 (Public) ( Contain incest, domination, humiliation, be advertise)
Leaving 106 (Public)(Ask if you want to edit existing pages, feel free to add new characters though - In The Worst Ways)
Legend of Krystal 61 (Public)
Legend of the Trailer Park 5 (Public) last edit 1/25/2014, only 5 pages.
Lesbiana(lesbian fantasy story) 36 (Public)
Lesbian Parkour Club 4 (Public)
A Lesbian Slave Adventure  ? (Do Not Edit)
Lesbian Violet's Story 248 (Private)
Let's Burn Down a Castle 248 (Public)
License  ? (Do Not Edit)
Life+++ 11 (Public)
Life And Death 25 (Public)
Life as a good little girl. 150 (Public)( (ONLY GOOD GRAMMAR AND STORY TELLING.))
Life at Its Fullest 8 (Public)
Life Simulator (dirty)  ? (Public)
Life of a 13 Year Old 315 (Do Not Edit)
Life of a Futa  ? (Private)
Life of a loli  ? (Private)
Life Of A Pornstar  ? (Private)
Life of a Serial Killer 0 (Private)
The Life of a Fantasy Princess 23 (Private) (- this is an alternate version of The Life of a medieval princess. Primarily intended for some structural changes for me to keep track of what i'm doing and facilitate conversion of content to this site.)
The Life of a Medieval Princess 493 (Public)( - but please read the Princess Editor's Guide. Mainly focused around the story with an erotic background and occasional sexual encounters. Might contain extreme violence and mutilation if you (or someone else) screws up during a fight.)
The Life of Others 14 (Public)
The Life of Cassie 5 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 1/22/2014, only 5 pages.
Life of Unlimited Chances 12 (Public)
Life of a sexy Nerd 10 (Public)
Life of the sexy female thief sly cooper 18 (Do Not Edit)
Littlest Nymph in the Labyrinth 8 (Private)
Living Alone  ? (Private)
Lonely & Horny Single Mom  ? (Private)
The Long Road to Graduation 10 (Private)
Lost Girl 10 (Public)
Lost in the City 41 (Public)
Lost Lights  ? (Public)
Love Magic 0 (Private)
Lucid dreams 29 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 02/06/2016, only 29 pages.
Lucky? 14 (Private) Pit watchlist, last edit 10/11/2013, only 14 pages.
The Lussuria Kingdom 0 (Private)
A lust for cock 1 (Public) Gay, feel free to add pages but please don't edit existing ones
Lust in the Valley 1 (Private)
Lyle, a.k.a. Lilly (a trap's story)  ? (Public)
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