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Story Number Of Pages Notes
Game of Lust  ? (Private)
Game of Thrones Fantasy 367 (Public)
gamejumper romp 1 (Public)
A Gamer's Sex Adventure 8 (Do Not Edit)
Gauntlet Legacy  ? (Public)
Gay Academy 60 (Public)
Gay Middle School Sex 13 (Public)
Gay School Fun 8 (Public) Pit watchlist, only 8 pages
Gay Schoolboy Slut  ? (Public)
Gay Step-Dad  ? (Public)
Gay Teacher Adventure  ? (Do Not Edit)
Gay Teen At Eighteen  ? (Public) (Work In Progress. Feel free to add. good/decent grammar only please.)
Gender switch 2 (Do Not Edit)
Generic Fantasy: The Erotic Adventure 5 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edited 11/25/2013, only 5 pages.
Getting a Job 70 (Public)
Getting Laid ? private
The Ghost of the Mansion 86 (Public)
A Gifted Woman 5 (Public) Pit watchlist, 1 page edited 1/25/2014, other pages 2011-2012, only 5 pages.
Girl Island 20 (Public)
A Girl on Girl: My First Time (Lesbian) 44 (Public)
The Girls Are Your Playthings 41 (Do Not Edit)
Girl Scout Camp (The Sequel) 514 (Public)
Girl Scout Cookies 386 (Public)
Girlngirl Dorms 40+ (Public)
Girlngirl High (Lesbian) 144+ (Public) Mostly complete. See first page discussion for details
A Girl's Night Out (Lesbian)  ? (Do Not Edit)
Girly Boy (bi) 20 (Public)
Glamour: The life of a model  ? (Do Not Edit)
Global Anarchy 17 (Private)( for now, but ultimately will be open to reasonable additions.)
Goddesses  ? (Do Not Edit)
A Good Life  ? (Do Not Edit)
Good son (bi) 997 (Public)
Goodbye 20 (Do Not Edit)
Gotham 17 (Public)
Gratification  ? (Public)
The Greatest Weekend Ever 20 (Public)
The Great Gatsby XXX 1 (Public)
Greek Mythology 1 (Public)
The Growing Adventure  ? (Contains furries, futas, and growth) (Public)
A Guy At An All Girls School 20 (Do Not Edit)
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