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Story Number Of Pages Notes
E.V.E.  ? (Private)
Eagle Academy  ? (Private)
The Echidna Tale (Monster girl, transformation) 41 (Public)
Elven Lands  ? (Do Not Edit)
Emma's Story  ? (Private)
Embarrassing Day  ? (Private)
EMP  ? (Private)
Empire of the lost  ? (Private)
Enchantress(Futa) 64 (Public)
The End of the World 528 The apocalypse is upon you. Can you survive AND save the girl?
The End of the World 2  ? (Public) (Edit if you want, after playing first.)
Equestria Tales  ? (Private)
Eros Academy 0 (Private)
Erotic Life 29 (Public)
The Exciting Adventure 102 A story revolving around exposure and embarrassment involving supernatural things. (WARNING: Includes scat - though for humiliation purposes with no digestion)
The Exhibitionist 30 (Public) Please do not edit the story content, but please DO add options.
Ex-tasy 10 (Public)
Extraordinary Life of a Not So Common Teenager 51 (Public)
Exotic Island  ? (Do Not Edit)
Exposed 11 (Public)(, Must make sense and be realistic, try to use proper grammar, DO NOT edit any existing content and NO DEATH SCENES)
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