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Story Number Of Pages Notes
Dark Mansion 1 (Do Not Edit) (Private) Pit watchlist, last edited on 28 August 2015, only 1 pages.
Darklands - A Medieval Adventure 67 (Public)
A day in the life of the Cumlord 75 (Public)
Days in the Life of Sammy Simm 45 (Public)
Deadman Wonderland 14 (Public) (Feel free to edit, 1 writer per branch of sin+personality combo)
Death Will Come 43 (Public)
Decisions 25 (Do Not Edit)
Demon's Host 29 (Public)
Demonic Might 39 (Do Not Edit)
Demonic Will  ? (Do Not Edit)
Deutsche Geschichten 20 (Public)
Desert Island 63 (Public)
The Devil's Daughter 594 (Public)
Different Girls, Different Kinks  ? (Private)
Dirty Me 141 (Public) (Please ask before editing and read this)
Dirty minded serial offender  ? (Private)
DirtyMeStoryTime Rants 37 Read if you want, but I will warn you that I am making fun of many of the stories here (mostly adult stories). It is a satire/parody/rant story.
Disaster in Space 0 (Private)
doctor  ? (Public)
doctors  ? (Do Not Edit)
Dog Tales  ? (Do Not Edit)
Down The Rabbit Hole 362 (Hail Eris!) (Public)
Downfall 809 (Do Not Edit)
Dragon Life 11 (Public)
DRAMAtical Murder: Text Version  ? (Do Not Edit) This will have non-con/rape in some parts and is mostly story.
Dread 104 (Do Not Edit)
Dreams of Desire 0 (Private)
Drivers' Education 6 (Public)
Druglord 27 (Public)
Drug dazed hookup  ? (Private)
Dungeons and Dragons 550 (Public)
Dysfunctional Family  ? (Private)
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