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Story Number Of Pages Notes
The Abandoned Adult Story 205 (Public) BUT send me a message before editing at: User talk:Completionist
ABDL Afterlife 17 (Public)
Abuse My Wife 3 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edited on 28 April 2015, only 4 pages.
The Academy 10 (Public)
An Airplane Journey 17 (Public)
Adjunct King 680 (Do Not Edit) Main page links to a separate wiki, worked on by many of us here. Please enjoy.
Adjunct King 2 3 (Do Not Edit) What sort of King will you be?
The Adult Story 46 (Public)
Advanced Dating 147 (Do Not Edit)
Adventure Ace 2 (Public)
Adventure at the TG Thriftshop (TG/AP/AR/BI) 79 (Public) (Please Add!)
An Adventure of Taboo 24 (Public) (S/Bi/G/TG) (A fetish for almost everyone, writers welcome)
Adventures in nymphomania 11 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edited on 17 February 2015, only 4 pages.
Adventures in Planeswalking 1 (Private) Pit watchlist, last edited on 11 February 2015, only 1 pages.
Adventures of Jay 2 (Do Not Edit) Pit watchlist, last edited on 31 January 2015, only 2 pages.
Adventures of Valour 17 (Do Not Edit)
Adventures of Naughtiness (German) 6
Agent 069 2 (Private)
Alex Rider 3 (Public)
Alien Adventure 30 (Public)
Alien CHAMPION 10 (Public)(, with some stipulations)
Alien Invasion 5 (Public)(, make sure it makes sense)
All Alone (Lesbian) 127 (Public)
All Family 10 (Do Not Edit)
All in the Family 187 (Public)
All-Star Batman And Robin 3 (Feel free to add and edit the NON-CANON pages of the story)
Altered Reality 14 (Public)
An Amazing Night 3 (Public)
The Amazon 45 (Do Not Edit)
Amazola 37 (Do Not Edit)
Android Training 2 (Private)
Angorea 2 (Do Not Edit) Pit watchlist, last edited on 12/28/2013, only 2 pages.
Angry Chicks 11 (Do Not Edit)
Anime Neighborhood 3 (Do Not Edit)
Anime School 51 (Do Not Edit)
Annabeth 21 (Public)
Another Beginning 2 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edited on 19 December 2015, only 2 pages.
Another Dance Lesson...? 33 (Public)( - PLEASE contribute (I want to see where this can go) but have good grammar. Stick to the initial characters.)
Another Day At School... 115 (Public)
The Answer Is Yes 23 (Public)
Anything Goes 17 (Public)
Apocalypse End 10 (Do Not Edit) Pit watchlist, last edited on 10 May 2015, only 11 pages.
Arcade Adventure 148 (Public) (Wreck-It Ralph Universe) (Abandoned)
Arcade Glitch 14 (Public) Wreck it Ralph
Arcadia 22 (Do Not Edit)
Archie's Gay Adventure (Gay) 104 (Public)
Archie's Sexual Adventure 104 (Public)
Ardenstone 42 (Do Not Edit) - Day 1 complete, plenty more to come!
The Ari Adventures 40 (Private)
Art of the Shinobi 24 (Public)( - Brain required)
As A Family 9 (Do Not Edit)
Ass Games (All Anal) 26 (Public) Anyone can contribute, so long as your grammar and story telling are good!
Assassin 21 (Do Not Edit)
Assassin's Guild 4 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edited on 9/30/2013, only 2 pages.
At home 111 (Private)
Aunt, Son, Mom Threesome Birthday 37 (Public) Aunt and nephew conspire to have a threesome with his mom - 1 ending
Avatar: The Sexual Collection 17 (Public)
Avatar: Tsu'Tey and the wanderer 2 (Public)
Award Night 1 (Do Not Edit)
Awaylands 7 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Les aventures de Bud Bunddy 9 (Public) (French story - Une aventure en fran├žais)
Les aventures d'un jeune queutard 40 (Public) (French story - Une aventure en fran├žais)
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