Tell him you need the toilet(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

"I need the toilet." You tell him.

He finishes his pissing and steps back. "All yours."

You take his place and try to pee, he's still behind you and you're too intimidated to go so you drop the toilet seat and sit down, your thought processes must be scrambled because now you’re at eye level with his black cock. You stare at it helplessly as he says something.

"Pardon." You ask.

"I said, my son Delroy says you go to the same high school as he does."

You wrack your brains the only Delroy you know is Delroy Tate, he's the school quarterback all the girls crush on.

"Delroy Tate is your son?"

"Sure, you don't remember much from last night do you?

"Not after that third drink, no. What happened then?"

"When I thought you might be drunk enough to suck my cock, I took off my towel and pushed you too your knees and you just started to suck without being asked."

"How did Delroy get involved?" You ask not really believing what you're hearing.

"That happened later when he got back from an Halloween party, We were in the Rec' room, you on your hands and knees while I was fucking your sweet little ass, and Delroy walks on in, well he recognizes you straight away and starts shouting at me how could I fuck one of the guys he goes to school with, and you tell him if he sticks his cock in your mouth you'll show him why."

"Oh my god no, I didn't did I?"

"You sure did, after that you were either fucking one or both of us, until about midnight when I was a little tired so I went to bed and left you two too it." He walks towards you his cock slowly hardening. "Looks like I've recovered though, now open up that pretty little mouth of yours."

Do you?

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