Tell him that you'll help.

From Create Your Own Story

“I guess. Sure. Which room are you looking for?”

He holds out a slip of paper. “Room 145…”

You take it and shiver delightfully when your fingers brush up against one another. He is probably legal and has a girlfriend or something but you enjoy the contact nonetheless. “Oh, that’s Mr. Son’s room. Yeah, I’ll take you. It’s not too far.”

“Great. I’m Woohyun, by the way, Nam Woohyun,” he introduce himself as you start walking at an excruciatingly slow pace. You figure it's because he wants to talk to you longer and you're fine with that.

“I’m Iris, Lee Iris,” you tell him, smiling.

You continue chatting until you arrive outside Mr. Son’s room. The door is closed but before he opens the door, Woohyun produces his cell phone. “Can I have your number? So, you know, I can call you if I ever need your help again with something.”


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