Tell her the truth and say no

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"Thank you for being honest with me... What is your name?"


"Thank you for being honest with me, Jack. I'm actually glad you are inexperienced. That's a better place to start, anyway."

She pauses for a moment. You wait.

"Listen to me very carefully. I am a recruiter of sorts for a woman named Darya Qurandaeva. She is extremely wealthy, extremely beautiful and extraordinarily picky about the men she chooses to bed. She will have nothing but the very best, because she can be satisfied by nothing but the best. She has developed a way to train and develop men that will suit her requirements.

"I'm giving you an opportunity to become one of her trainees. That pill you took will help you to improve your sexual performance exponentially if you so choose. But it won't work until I give you the reagent. Without the reagent, the pill causes you to lose your short-term memory for about 2 or 3 hours. The reagent is a slow-release capsule accompanied by a monitoring device that is implanted in your inner thigh. Together, the pill and the reagent will eventually make you more sexually powerful than you can imagine. Of course, it will take time and training, but after you have been properly developed, you will be among the world's elite men. Your sexual prowess will be unsurpassed."

She pauses and looks at you. Your dick is still hard.

"I want you to know, however, that if you attain that level, you will belong to her. It's not as bad as it sounds right now. She is very free with her selected men. They can live as they please, but they must service her when she requires it.

"The training will not require you to leave the university or drop out of school. I will guide you as you develop your skills right here on campus. Universities are excellent training grounds.

"Now the choice is up to you. This may sound unbelievable, but it is your choice to believe me or not. You can go your way and live your normal life, or you can take a chance at becoming an elite sexual specimen."

She waits for your answer.

Do you:

Welcome to the University
Health 100 Equipment:

hard on

Gender Male
Height 6 feet
Weight 195 lbs
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