Tell Troi to beg for your cock

From Create Your Own Story

You thrust inside Deanna yet again, but this time you stop with your full length as deep inside her as it will go. For a moment, luxuriating in the sensations of having such a hot cunt tight all around you, knowing that it won't be long before Deanna wants more again.

Sure enough, she soon moans, "Why did you stop?"

"I want you to beg," you tell her. "I want you to tell me what you want."

"But you know what I want," she pleads. And you do: that telepathic flash left you in no doubt as to how much she was enjoying being fucked like this.

"I want to hear it from you," you say, running a hand down the side of her back in a firm caress until it comes to rest on her hip. "I want you to admit how much you want it."

Troi relents and says, "I want your cock." You reward this admission with a single stroke out and back in again. "Yes," she says, "just like that. I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of me." You oblige, pumping back and forth a couple more times, but stopping again when she finishes speaking; this time, your cock is resting just inside her; even the tiniest movement would be enough to make you slip back out again.

Troi seems desperate to avoid that eventuality, and quickly says, "Oh, god, I love feeling you inside me. I love how powerful your cock is," she says, and you give an extra hard thrust into her, but again stop when she isn't telling you how much she wants it.

Troi gets the idea and begins to speak in one long run-on sentence, almost as though she's chanting a mantra, to make sure that you keep fucking her. "I want your powerful cock filling me up, I want to be fucked, I want to be fucked hard, I want to be fucked hard from behind, I want to be fucked hard from behind like an animal, a wild animal being tamed by a powerful cock, I want to be tamed, and broken to my master's service by his powerful cock--"

During her chanting, your thrusting has been becoming more and more frenzied, building ever closer to another orgasm. The part about breaking her to your will is enough to push you over the edge, and you come inside her for the second time. This time, Troi climaxes too, letting out a loud scream before slumping forwards exhausted on the bed.


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