Team Fortress 2: Spy vs. Sniper

From Create Your Own Story

Spy vs. Sniper (or Sniper vs Spy as it's called in Europe) is the story of two natural rivals.

The RED Sniper is the predator. He hunts spies for breakfast, guns them down for lunch and murders them for dinner. He is at the top of his profession and gets paid well to do his job but today is different. Today The Sniper is killing not for money but for himself. His opponent is cunning and stealthy and it will take more than good aim to kill him. This work is still under heavy construction and is only 20 % complete.

The BLU Spy is the prey. The spy is always outgunned in battle but is invincible with his own style of fighting. Spies are not completely defenseless in fact if they get close enough their target will be in a dangerous situation. The death of the RED Sniper will not be a victory just for this particular Spy but for Spies everywhere. This work is close to being finished and is about 70% complete.

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