Team Fortress 2: RED vs BLU

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Team Fortress 2: Red vs Blue

By Jake "Jakeinator" Smith

2Fort 2...better then the old one. Vents connecting the forts on the sides, larger buildings, more space. The fight for 2Fort 2 starts today.

RED, powerful and wealthy. They have the numbers, and have the money to get more and more Mercenaries to fight.

Soldier: I am a Soldier. I will fight until the bitter end, and kill any puny maggots in my way. I will break their spines with my hands, or blow them into tiny pieces with my Rocket Launcher.

Sniper: I am a Sniper. I may work for money, but I am a professional. Professionals have standards. Be polite, be efficient, be ready to kill everyone you meet. Even those who play the dirtiest tricks deserve my respect, and a bullet in their skull.

Medic: I am a Medic. I promise to aid my comrades in battle. I will help zem stay alive on zee battlefield. I will also bring pain and suffering to all zose not my color.

Engineer: I am an Engineer. I will put up Sentries and protect them like they were my own. I will help defend the base and aid my pardners. I will also keep an eye out for anything that would pose a threat.

Pyro I am a Pyro. Though communication isn't my strong suit, I will break through the wall of defense, and cause enemies to flee. I will distract my enemies, if not burn them to a crisp.

BLU, skilled and resourceful. They have the skill, and will never back down from a fight. These are their most skilled classes.

Heavy Weapons Guy I am Heavy Weapons Guy. My weapon is a beauty, and will help me crush baby men. When Sasha tires, I will take out puny men with my feests.

Scout I am da Scout. I will beat the crap out of the other team, and take da Intelligence. The other team won't know what hit 'em.

Spy I am ze Spy. I will sneak behind enemy lines and crumble everything from the inside. Killing is art, and I am the painter.

Demoman I'm thuuuh..D-Demoman. Ill blow up the other guys while having a good time! Booze and Bombs always helped me out in a pinch!

Note: There are 2 secret campaigns. The first one requires you to get everyone's best endings, top to bottom, piece together the words givin' to you, and must figure out where to place them, a place which decides where you are and where you are on the Internet.

The Second requires you to search my profile for messages that could help point you to the the second secret campaign. You must also place what you find into the place of Internet Addresses.

Another Note: The bonus stories do NOT count to the official percentage, and will not be started until all stories are completed. 1 story will be done if it says 125% done, and both will be if it says 150% done

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