Tall black tranny

From Create Your Own Story

Oh, yeah. The tall, Amazonian black girl really does it for you. If you're going to try this out, that's the woman you want to take your shemale cherry. You contact her about date, time, and other details. Everything goes more smoothly than you expected, and soon you are nervously answering the door. "Hi there," she says in a husky voice that makes you weak in the knees. "I'm Callista. Am I at the right place?" You stutter a bit, but manage to assure her she's got the right house. Remembering yourself, you invite her in. As she enters your house, you take a moment to appreciate her. She's about 6'0, fit (but not jacked), with long, lean curves. Her full ass nicely distorts the short red dress she has on, and you can see a little bit of the cleavage of what look to be about 36C breasts. She brushes her long black hair away from her eyes and smirks. "Do I meet your approval?" she asks saucily.

You say:

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