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"Hello there, welcome to the yakyuken dungeon." The woman speaks in a melodic and sweet voice, it's almost enough to enchant you, you shake your head to clear the cobwebs before you ask:

"Yakyuken?" You tilt your head, not quite sure what she means.

"Yes! It's basically rock paper scissors, but with an added twist: every time someone loses, they lose a piece of clothing, if one runs out of clothing, they will suffer a forfeit of the winner's choosing." The woman explains "By the way, I'm Cassandra, your first opponent, my forf-"

"Wait, you mean I have to play?" You suddenly stop her mid-sentence.

"Well... Yes, that is how you ended up here..." Cassandra takes a moment to explain more of what happened "You see, you challenged the dungeon of your own free accord, well, sort of, you were pretty tipsy."

Tipsy doesn't even begin to describe it, you were downright hammered, knackered, shit-faced! But Cassandra continues:

"You kept losing until you were naked, and then suffered so many forfeits that you tuckered yourself out, and once you did, you were essentially trapped in the dungeon."

"So how do I get out?" You finally ask.

"Well, since you already lost once, you have to go through the entire thing all over again."

"So I have to keep winning until I clear the entire place?" You're outraged by the nearly impossible feat, considering that Rock paper scissors is a very luck based game.

"Well, it isn't so bad, this place is sorta magical, to help you out," Cassandra began explaining "When you pass out, you'll be brought back in time to this moment, where you can go through the same events all over again, the exact same events."

"Wait, so if I remember the throws of everyone, I can just beat them?" You ask, and Cassandra simply nods "Well, how does that even work if you know about it?"

"Oh, it doesn't really affect me," Cassandra just giggles and waves her hand "But I still play the same hands over and over, just for beginners."

You just stare at the beauty, is she enjoying this?

Whatever you may be thinking, you decide to just get it over with and challenge Cassandra, you throw:

Clothing White shirt, Bra, Denim shorts, polka-dot panties
Orgasms 3
Gender Female
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