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This story was started by user Twentyeleven in August of 2011, who contributed 7 pages, but unfortunately hasn't been seen again since early September, 2011. It was revived by user Lolwatup in May, 2012, who contributed 2 pages before disappearing from the site. In March, 2013 user Mokarran discovered the story and has added nearly 45 pages so far.


The story begins when you wake up in some sort of enclosure with other anthropomorphic animals. You have been turned into one of these furry people, but what kind of animal is your first choice to make. So far, there is an otter, a tiger, a zebra, a wolf, a tiger, and a dragon, but if you prefer another type of animal, feel free to add one.

This is an erotic gay story, so all the characters should be male and sex should be a prominent element, but there are always exceptions. Well-written additions that advance some sort of storyline are appreciated. Anything else may be edited to fit the story. All contributions may be edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Story branches

Each path is very different from the other- therefore, it is advisable to take all of the paths for different stories and situations. If you can create new pages as you see fit, please do so!

  • Otter path: Pretty much just the otter and the bear (and mentions of an eagle) as of now. Almost no development in this line, so adding new pages (e.g. sex scenes, plot development) is highly recommended. Animals: Otter, bear, eagle (mentioned).
  • Tiger path: Currently in progress. The main path is the tiger fucking/getting fucked by various animals, and (currently) with little variation. Another path occurs if the tiger refuses getting fucked entirely, but there has been no development of that since. Animals: Tiger, bull, zebra, horse, dragon, wolf, fox, bear (not in main storyline).
  • Zebra path: A more drama-based story of the zebra and the rabbit. Only one branch has been extensively made, so the rest are just kinda lying there without work. Animals: Dragon, wolf, zebra, white rabbit (mentioned), tiger (mentioned), fox (mentioned).
  • Wolf path: A really short path about a wolf asking others for sex. Animals: horse, wolf, tiger (mentioned), dragon (mentioned), otter (mentioned).
  • Dragon path: A more variating path about a dragon. The setting is a bit different from the others, being in a prison instead of the open. Animals: dragon, bear, tiger, wolf, otter, fox.


When adding content, please make sure to format your links like this: *[[The Zoo/Your page here|Your page here]]

Always place the category at the bottom of the page: [[Category: The Zoo]]

Be creative, but try to be consistent with the story written on the previous pages. There are several different plot threads depending on which animal you choose in the beginning.

Questions, Comments, and Suggestions

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