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This story is set in the dystopian future of 2050. You are a mercenary, Jack Templar. You work for whoever pays the highest price. In such an unstable world, you are never short of work.

Here is a brief summary of Jack Templar's world:

North America- The former superpower was plunged into a second civil war during the 2030’s. The North and the South are once again at each others throat. Neither side can gain superiority over the other.

Western Europe- Its people have the best standards of living. However, puppet democracies are really controlled by powerful aristocratic families and everyone is under 24 hour surveillance for their ‘protection’. Think George Orwell’s 1984

Eastern Europe- Individual warlords control the rural areas, and the conflict between them creates many atrocities. Meanwhile, its larger cities have become the red light district of the world as a result of the thriving sex slave trade.

Africa- Any hopes for harmony in Africa are all but destroyed. Old tribal tensions and civil unrest has plunged the continent into unimaginable bloodshed. As a result, most of the world’s military contactors use it as a base of operations.

China and Japan- An uneasy truce exists between the worlds leading military and technological super powers. Their mutually beneficial arrangement makes them a force to be reckoned with. They are suspicious of all foreigners.

South America- Most of the continent is controlled by a dictator. To the people, he is a benevolent revolutionary. Under the surface, he runs the biggest drug operation in the entire world. Resistance forces occupy most of the Amazon.

Russia- The old soviet power has long since shut its door on the rest of the world. Few know what goes on inside the country.

Middle East- Groups of all descriptions squabble over the last oil reserves. The longest wall ever built surrounds the state of Israel. Meanwhile, Palestinians have united and started an organised front against their old enemies.

Australia- An unknown epidemic swept the continent clean of any human habitation. There are many rumours that mutants occupy certain parts of the mainland.

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