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What it is:
This is going to be a crossover and alternate timeline to the abandoned "Lesbian College Girls" story in that the main character, Naomi, would be exploring her new life as a college girl. Characters from the old story would be recycled into this one, and only a few subtle changes were made but will still remain consistent with both authors' stories.

Major changes:
The only very notable change in the story would be the role of Abigail, who served as pov of the abandoned story. In this one, however, she would now be a fourth year that will act similar to a "mentor" to the characters in the story.

Feel free to edit any grammatical errors or mistakes. However, I still am editing a bunch of content not yet posted on this site, so please ask me if you want to branch something out.

--Completionist 16:40, 10 October 2014 (UTC)

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