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The general idea is for this to be a fairly open CYOA, for either Hollywood life in general, or for a particular celebrity. Feel free also to add an option to play as a character portrayed by a celebrity as well. For example, if you wanted to have a scenario as Kate from lost, you would put "Evangeline Lilly" as an option on the front page, then give an option for Kate in the page following that.


Editing Guidelines

  • I think the best format for the page for each person would be to have these separate sections:

Main Path

(For most options, you know, just going through what ever.)

Specific Scenarios

(By specific scenarios, I mean scenarios that would have a specific date in a career, or intended to be a altered version of a specific event that actually happened. Because those really wouldn't make sense in just the general section.)

In Character Scenarios

(As in a scenario where it is not actually an actor playing a character, it is real-life. See the example of Kate above.) See example below in "Interact Scenarios" for how to post links for this category.

Interact Scenarios

(In this section, put any situations in which you would not be playing as the celebrity. This includes "In Character" Scenarios. For "In Character" Scenarios, please put the title of whatever it is from, as well as the character to be interacted with, before the link description. E.G. "Lost, Kate: Alone in the woods"

  • For links

For all of the links in a specific celebrities page, please have them formatted with the celebrities first and last initial before the link, Like so: "JA: Extra on the set|Extra on the set" Use the vertical bar to have the link viewed on the page without the initials in front of it.

For celebrities with the same initial, just add the second letter in the last name. E.G. Jennifer Aniston = "JAn: Extra on the set|Extra on the set"

For in character scenarios, place the characters first name (Or just the name the character is most known by) after the actors initials. E.G. Evangeline Lilly as Kate = "ELKate: Lost, Kate: Alone in the woods|Lost, Kate: Alone in the woods"

--Nonsense 23:11, 4 December 2011 (UTC)

Request for a new path in this article.

Could you please make a path that has you "interact", as a dude, alot with jessica alba? I would really appreate it. I would do it myself except that iam horrible at this kind of stuff.


@axeace42: That should be a decent enough idea. You mean under the celebrities page? Will set it up right now. Let me now if it should be improved in anyway. And don't forget! You can just edit the front page and throw in whatever names you want! It helps! Really! And even if you don't want to write the page, just making a blank link to an action can give me or others a good direction to go. --Nonsense 17:30, 4 November 2011 (UTC)

Thank you

Yep under Celebrities! page and also i just want to say that the whole celebrities stories thing was a awesome idea.

Request other celebrities and/or new adventure

Requesting new celebrities added, or if possible have something based on a TV show

Example: Modern Family

Play as a new family who moved in the new neighnourhood and meet the Dunphy family. Play as either one of the family members.

Example: a 17 year-old boy, and how you play it you get to go after one of the girls, like Alex Dunphy (Ariel Winter). You either blackmail her or you rape her and tun her to become your secret sex slave

Somebody should do that--Ashmount1 20:06, 24 April 2014 (UTC)

Interaction with More Than One Celebrity

Suggestion if you want to interact with more than one celeb; put page title on each celeb's homepage, then put other celebs name in brackets, then put cross between initials.

Example: Katrina Browne and Katrina Divine:

Under Browne's Interaction: Fan at Power Morphicon Tour (with Katrina Divine)

Under Divine's Interaction: Fan at Power Morphicon Tour (with Katrina Browne)

Page Title: KB+KD: Fan at Power Morphicon Tour

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