Tales from Ahtora

From Create Your Own Story

A far off world whose natural laws and physical attributes are far unlike the mundane world of Earth. Adventurers, treasure-hunters, and shcolars seek fame, fortune, and knowledge (not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily exclusive); wizards do battle in Guild Tournaments; thieves play by the rules they themselves conjure; warrior-priests defend cities from undead hordes, and dragons talk philosophy while playing Trynoprétypon. Gods walk in human flesh, sustained by conscious thought alone, guiding or hindering mortals for their own amusement (though the stories say that Deitic Council imposed strong limitations on interactions with morals sometime during the Second Era by international calendar, though many scholars attest otherwise, citing the priesthoods and clerical guilds). Now, let us see what legends you can forge. What paths will you take?

(There are a lot of races. To make this project feasible, I had to limit it, and choosing which races to include was DIFFICULT, and I may add more in the future.)

You are a(n):

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