Take the plump rainbow-haired woman back to your apartment

From Create Your Own Story

"Come along, then," you say.

"Give me five minutes."

She disappears into the ladies' locker room and emerges three-and-a-half minutes later. Ten minutes after that, you're giving her the dime tour of your apartment. You find out that her name is Nancie and she's a receptionist at a local company, having graduated college a year ago.

"And now let's get down to business," Nancie purrs, stripping in a flash. You follow her lead and help her onto the bed. The two of you make out wildly for a few minutes. When you break a particularly intense kiss for air, Nancie strokes you with one hand and fingers her dripping slit with the other.

"Fuck me hard, right now," she orders. You're not about to turn down a horny woman in need.

Health Horny Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 2
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