Take the hint and grab a handful

From Create Your Own Story

You slowly move your hand towards your mother's ass, and once you reach it, you grab a whole handful.

"OOH!" she shrieks. "What a naughty boy!"

She quickly stands up, turns around, and grabs you by your shirt collar.

"You shouldn't do that to your own mother, young man."

"I'm sorry!" you quickly say, "it's just that's what I thought you wanted with you waving your ass in the air and all."

"Maybe it is what I wanted... come to my room at midnight tonight, that's when naughty boys get punished, so I'll punish you then." She turns to leave and starts walking.

"What about the air mattress?" you ask.

"It's right behind you, if you wouldn't have been staring at my butt, you would've found it quite quickly."

You turn around and sure enough, there's the air mattress. You mutter under your breath, "what the fuck."

Go set up the air mattress

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