Take it raw

From Create Your Own Story

"I would love it raw " you say. He smiles and says "so you really like it rough don't you dirty little slut?" You look back and just nod . He than puts the top of his cock against your ass and than with one push he's half way up your ass . You moan loud and too your surprised that it doesn't hurt . And with every thrust he is going deeper until his 10'inch cock is all the way in . He fucks you hard and deep and you love every second of it "fuck me like the slut i'am "you scream. And with al the force he can muster he fucks your ass until he can't hold it any more and fills your ass with cum. You lay there for a while recovering from that hard fuck and he asked you "would you like to go to a couple of friends with me ?" "What kind of friends ?" you ask. "Well some of my drinking buddies and they ar all black guys with cocks like me would you like that?"he asked you

go with him to his friends

or stay

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