Take control of the situation(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

You know he's young and inexperienced and if he carries on like he is you are going to get hurt so before he has the chance you grab his cock. "Please not so rough Tyrone." You say to him as you start to suck on the tip of his cock, the sudden warmth of your lips on his cock is too much and despite his dominance and confidence he cums straight away, grabbing you by the head as he does so giving you no time to pull away.

You're surprised by the huge amount of cum which he pumps into your mouth, you choke and splutter on it as you pull away from him, the last few spurts from his cock hitting you in the face. You jump up quickly and head for the sink and quickly wash his cum off of your face. You turn back to face him and see.

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