Take His dick

From Create Your Own Story

You quickly pull down his pants and underwear to reveal his massive cock. You get to work lubing him up for your plans. As the salty taste invades your mouth, you moan and start sucking on his huge dick. It quickly gets hard and he starts to unwittingly hump your face as he regains consciousness. When he realizes what you are doing, he looks at you with suprise for a moment. He then grabs the back of your head with both hands and pulls you down while thrusting upwards.

The speed catches you off guard and you are forced to gag as his massive erection penetrates your throat. You struggle as he bobs your head up and down on his shaft, pounding your face with his cock. You choke and squirm as he moans and grunts with need. With one final loud moan, he thrusts all the way into your throat and releases his seed. His load is so forceful, you can feel it through his cock as he pumps your stomach with cum. He finally lets your head off his dick when he finishes orgasming. He then grabs your pants and begins to undress you as you cough. He gives you a sadistic grin when he sees how hard you are from his rough sex. He then pushes you, now naked, onto all fours with your ass being presented to him. He lines up his still wet cock and grunts as he fills you. He goes slow at first, before ramming the rest into your body. You scream in pain for a brief moment before he wraps his arm around your neck and squeezes. You choke and squirm as he pounds into you, rocking you back and forth on the floor of your own kitchen. You're both sweating as he fucks you like an animal. The asphyxiation is causing your cock to throb and pulse as pre runs down it. The feeling of him penetrating you so ruthlessly is turning you on as you emit soft squeals of fear as you see your life flashing before your eyes.

"Relax bitch, I know you're a slut. Enjoy it".

This is the last thing he says before uttering a series of animalistic grunts as he thrusts into you so hard you think he is fucking you all the way through. You're scratching at his arm as your body bucks and writhes as you panic. He is moaning and fucking you like his life depends on it and your squirming is only heightening the pleasure. You try to scream for help, but the plea dies in your throat as your vision begins to fade. You emit a strangled rasp as you cum hands free from the rough fucking. Your killer cries out and tenses as he orgasms from the feling of your ass tightening. His sudden tensing puts even more pressure on your throat and the light fades even quicker. Your struggles slowly die down as the life leaves your body. No one catches your killer and he goes on to rape and murder 10 other people in the same way he did you due to the pleasure he got from you.


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