Take Ashley's bed

From Create Your Own Story

Ashley leaves her bed and climbs into Jessica's bed while you sleep in her's. You lie on your stomach, the bedsheet only going up your waste, and try to sleep as best as you can.


You wake up for the first of school. Ashley and Jessica are already dressed. You put on your own uniform and try to go down for breakfast when Ashley stops you.

"We have to have a bottom inspection, first" she tells you.

"Bottom inspection?" you ask.

"Make sure our bottom is-"

Just then, an old woman Ms. Filch.

"Bottom inspection" she says.

Jessica bends over her bed and lowers her skirt and panties. Filch checks the girl's bare bottom. You see it is quiet bruised. Filch lets Jessica go and Ashley sends over the bed and lowers her skirt and panties. Her red bottom is red but not as severely spanked as Jessica's. Filch is satisfied. It is now your turn. You bend over the bed and lower your skirt and panties. Filch examines your bare bottom.

"Completely, unblemished" she says, "well, I'll have to fix that"

Filch takes out her cane ready to punish you.

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