TLOAMP Veteran Mercenary

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Personal Stats

Physical description : Battle-scarred veterans, usually wearing better quality gear than soldiers.

General personality : They're capable adventurers and mercenaries, They command respect trough their skills.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: Any, they will use any weapon they can get their hands on, Combat power : 40. (Veteran warriors who've seen some heavy action. They don't back down for anyone or anything.)

Special Weapon : Several, they've seen plenty of combat and have a few tricks up their sleeve to deal with troublesome foes.

Unarmed Combat Power : 30. (A powerful killing instinct and tons of experience in fighting and brawling make these men into dangerous opponents, regardless of whether they're armed or not.)

Abilities :

Strength : Very High. (These men survive by being the toughest and the meanest.)

Speed : High. (its quite useful to be able to run quickly when exploring dark dungeons)

Endurance : Very High. (These men survive by being the toughest and the meanest.)

Willpower : Very High. (They've proven themselves against tricky enemies numerous times during their adventures.)

Magical Ability : Low. (No magical ability of their own, but they've come across several magic-using enemies in their travels and know how to deal with them.)

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