TLOAMP Skeletal Servant

From Create Your Own Story

Personal Stats

Physical description : A bag of bones, walking about at their masters behest. They sometimes retain old worn-down armor and weapons from beyond the grave.

General personality : Mindless slaves to their summoner.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: old worn-down weaponry or skeletal claws, Combat power : 15. (Skeletal servants are easily summoned in numbers, but only a real threat when they crowd up on you. Mostly used as meat shields - without meat.)

Abilities :

Strength : Medium. (They're about as strong as a man, which is surprising since they lack muscles.)

Speed : Limited. (They shamble about as automatons, incapable of fast movement.)

Endurance : Special. (They're not overly affected by cutting weapons or magical attacks, but if you bash their bones with a blunt weapon, they'll shatter like dry bones.)

Willpower : None. (mindless slaves to their summoner.)

Magical Ability : None. (They're summoned creatures not mages.)

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