TLOAMP Elite Soldier

From Create Your Own Story

Personal Stats

Physical description : Wearing heavy armor and decorated helmets, these soldiers are the elite of the army, often used as escorts for royals or high nobility. On the battlefield they are expected to break the enemy, not just hold the line.

General personality : Their skills are superior and they know it. They take great pride in being an 'elite'. They only obey their direct superior and trying to talk your way past them is often like talking to a wall.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: Longsword, Combat power : 35. (They wield a longsword to battle, giving them a range advantage over common soldiers. While they usually fight in group, they're quite capable of facing down an enemy one-on-one.)

Special Weapon : Shield (Provides cover from missile attacks and can be used to deflect blows. Shield wall formation can allow a group of soldiers to advance trough enemy fire with little casualties.)

Unarmed Combat Power : 20. (They've been trained to fight armed opponents in case their weapon is lost on the battlefield.)

Abilities :

Strength : High. (Generally stronger than an ordinary soldier, but the difference may also lie in skills.)

Speed : High. (These men can move faster in heavy armor than ordinary soldiers in lighter armor. Making them very effective at tactical maneuvers.)

Endurance : Very High. (Proud, hardened men with lots of combat experience, they won't go down easily.)

Willpower : High. (Taking pride in their elite status, these men are hard to influence by any outsiders.)

Magical Ability : Limited. (If they were magically gifted, these men would make fine Magic Knights. Having no magical ability of their own, they only have basic knowledge about how to defend themselves from enemy magic.)

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