TAR: Season 1

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Select Your Team and the team member you'll play as:

Team Guido v.1 (Gay): TARS1: Bill (G) and TARS1: Joe (G)

Team Guido v.2 (Pretending to be gay to get on TV): TARS1: Bill and TARS1: Joe

The Villains From Home Alone: TARS1: Drew and TARS1: Kevin

The Grandparents: TARS1: Dave and TARS1: Margaretta

The Black Couple: TARS1: Lenny and TARS1: Karyn

The Less Black Couple That Is Reconciling: TARS1: Frank and TARS1: Margarita

The Conservative Mother and Liberal Daughter: TARS1: Nancy and TARS1: Emily

The Fiery Redhead and The Quitter: TARS1: Amie and TARS1: Paul

The Action Milfs: TARS1: Pat and TARS1: Brenda

The Army Couple: TARS1: Matt and TARS1: Ana

The Hot Teachers: TARS1: Kim and TARS1: Leslie

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