Surviving Today: The Traffic Jam

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Just Another Day, Just Another Story.....

Its 7am, and it's time for work. Again. You don't like working as an accountant, you didn't make much friends when you were employed, so you don't go to many social events, if any.

You get out from your uncomfortable bed and look out your window. It's foggy, as usual. You quickly head to the bathroom and have a shower. As you change into your business outfit. You check the time, it's 7.15. I guess i have time for breakfast, you think to yourself. You rarely have breakfast, since you usually get up around 7.30 and barely have time to get ready since it starts at 8.

While digesting some cereal, you turn on the TV, probably your closest friend. As the screen flashes to life, you watch on.


News Reporter: Many residents left overnight fleeing the town of Netrue after Tornado was confirmed heading eastward to Netrue. Police came knocking on every door of each household, asking them to evacuate. If there are any people still left, please evacuate now.

WHAT!! You place your half finished cereal down and pace around thinking about what to do next.

Achievements are now available! What I suggest is opening a seperate window with this page so if you are achievement hunting, you can always check how to get it. ST2: Achievements. -- Heyoeveryone September 24 2011

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